Road To The Oscars: Lincoln

I was a little surprised to hear that Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis were to collaborate in this Abraham Lincoln biopic, I couldn’t see the pair ever working together and I was almost a little bit disappointed to hear that they were. As an incredibly large Daniel Day-Lewis fan however, with him being in arguably my favourite film of all time (Paul Thomas Andersons, There Will Be Blood) it wasn’t going to be bothering me too much.

Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln

Old Neptune! Shake thy hoary locks!

The storyline of Lincoln is based on historian Doris Kearns Goodwins book ‘Team of Rivals’ which follows Abraham Lincoln in his political battle to make the Thirteenth Amendment to the American Constitution – abolishing slavery. The battle to overcome the opposing Democrats and the fighting Confederate army as well as his own cabinet makes victory for this American icon only the more sweeter.

Lincoln – I am the president of the United States of America, clothed in immense power! You will procure me those votes!

Once again let’s get this clear, Daniel Day-Lewis is outstanding and will win the Best Actor nomination. Fact. I do however want Joaquin Phoenix to get it for his performance as Freddie in Paul Thomas Andersons ‘The Master’, as actually that was my favourite film of last year, but unfortunately I can’t see him overhauling Daniel Day-Lewis for this one, especially with the momentum he has with his Bafta win the other night.

Cinema Sleeping

Is this the most annoying thing ever? Yes.

I probably came across one of the most annoying things I’ve ever witnessed in my life during the viewing of this film which actually ruined the whole film for me. Within about 20 minutes of the film starting a man about 6 rows in front of me fell asleep and proceeded to snore for the entirety of the film. Perhaps even more annoyingly there were plenty of people sitting in his vicinity that did nothing about it despite their visible annoyance and tutting. Was this a reflection of the levels of excitement provided by the film? Possibly. It’s certainly not the most exciting film I’ve ever watched and if you have no interest whatsoever in American politics or American history, you would perhaps be excused in giving this one a miss because there’s not much else in there for you other than an incredible performance by Day-Lewis. Sally Field and Tommy Lee-Jones throw in some fine performances as well but as a minor niggle, I am beginning to tire a little of seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in just about everything, although I am still an admirer of him.

It’s leading the race at the Oscars this year with a total of 12 nominations but it certainly won’t be running away with the whole lot. It faces stiff competition in most categories and the only category I can see as a certainty for Lincoln is the Best Actor nomination.

Lincoln Cabinet

He wants the votes and he’ll damn well get them.

The IMDB community has given this biopic 7.8/10, I think I will give it an 8/10 it was nearly a 7 but I think the performance by Daniel Day-Lewis brings it up to an 8 because it is very very good. Definitely a recommendation from me but only if you either have an interest in American politics/history or appreciate fine acting performances. If neither of these apply, you may be bored.

Have you seen this one? Did you have any snorers in the cinema with you? Was it a bore or the most exciting thing you’ve seen since the Harlem Shake? I want to know. Next up is the Bafta Best Picture winner Argo. Was it a worthy winner, I’ll be letting you know next time in ‘The Road to the Oscars’.


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